Where am I going with this?

That’s a good question.  Anyone reading this might wonder about my random thoughts. Honestly I wonder about them too.  Sometimes, I’m going to write about them.  Other days, most days, I might write about my journey as a 40-something, often faking it but having fun, athlete.  No science to what I have to say, unless I claim otherwise, but I’ve been fortunate to learn a lot over the years and have a lot of random thoughts (yes…more of them) about it.  Mainly, I think that anyone can do it.  No, really, that simple.  The deal is, you just have to set your mind to it.  It’s not that hard.  You might think it is, but it’s not.  You just don’t start doing marathons day one, half’s maybe, but not full – kidding – or not – if you’re me.  I figure I only have one life and I’ve spent an awful lot of it doing what everyone else wants me to.  I love my sports, swimming, biking, walking (I want to say running but that’s not what I do).  They make me joyful, even when they hurt.  And I let someone slow me down from them for a while, and I got depression, seriously! Meds and all.  I’m done with that.  I want a balance between doing them as much as I want but not being a slave to training – that’s just a drag.  I would love for others to join me in this crazy journey, to tell me what they’re up to, there’s definitely more fun in numbers!

So I’m probably going to write about my adventures, and past adventures, and a lot of other stuff too, so thanks for your patience!

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