Do you ever need a vacation from life?

Am I the only one or do you sometimes feel like you need a vacation from your life? I’ve felt like that before, probably more often than I’d like to admit. The idea of just getting Vacation from Lifeaway from all the stress, the responsibilities and the worries of my life.  I tend to feel like I’m busy all the time, like there’s always something pressing on me.  Is that just me or is that just what life is about in today’s day and age?  I’m not going for it.  Although my kids are older, I see it in kids’ lives these days.  There’s soccer, baseball, dance, gymnastics, and oh yeah, school, homework, and tests.  What about just playing?  What about just playing for adults?  That’s what I want more of.  That feeling of being so relaxed and enjoying what I’m doing that it feels like play.

I saw a quote today, “Don’t create a life that you need a vacation from.”  I felt like it hit me over the head with in an aha moment.  From where I sit, that’s not the kind of life I want, although I wonder if, to a large degree, it is the life I’ve created. But lately I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.  I figure I’m probably more than halfway through my life.  Definitely more than halfway through my working life.  I’ve been doing the same work since I got out of college, and I like it, I feel I’m good at it, and I love the company I work for, but I still wonder if this is how God wants me to ride it out.  Something in my gut tells me it’s not, although I don’t know what else is in store.

I do know a few things.  I want to play more.  I want to make choices in life that are intentional and don’t pile on stress. I want to be better at saying yes to the right things and no to the wrong things. I’ve already pledged to more adventures, so yes, more of those. I want to travel and explore.  And along the way, I think God might show me a few other things.  What I do know is that life should be worth sticking around for, vacations are just a bonus.

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