No DNF’s

DLFShirtThough I suspect most of you who read my blog are athletes, as many of my friends are, I want to share a term used in racing/events. “DNF.” Stands for “Did not finish.” I’ve done a lot of races, rides and events.  Some I thought would kill me they were so hard, particularly some of the ridiculous climbing events on my bike.  It was called the Terrible Two for a reason.  Anyways…in all the races I’ve done, I’ve never had a DNF.

Not having a DNF is not because of any extraordinary skill I possess, I guarantee you.  It’s my frame of mind when it comes to the sports I engage in.  I have never considered quitting an option.  That’s not to say it hasn’t entered my mind, but I never considered it.  Not something I want to do.  I start, I finish… even if it’s ugly.

So the other day I was talking about a new adventure I’m starting…during therapy.  I am particularly excited about it because if I can do the training, I’ll be able to coach people about health and wellness.  Different than being a “coach” but more a life coach with a focus.  I’m excited because for a couple of years I’ve been thinking about how I can help women overcome their own doubts or fears about pursuing what they love, whatever that is, but particularly through sports.  Recently, I reached out to a long-time friend of mine who gave me some great suggestions on how to get going with that and where to go for training/certification.  Things with that are falling into place and I’m praying that trend will continue.

I told my counselor that sometimes I end up thinking about stuff too much, over-analyzing, risk assessing, to the point where I talk myself out of it and that I didn’t want to do that with the idea of being a life coach. He told me that whatever I start, I need to finish.  Not the first time he’s said that to me.  But that was the day I needed to hear it again.  That was the day it stuck.  As I was driving home I thought about that statement and realized that when I’m doing anything athletic, I never DNF. So why would it be any different in the rest of my life?  Why do I allow myself to back out of things that could bring me great fulfillment and joy?

I overthink it, that’s why. I over plan, over analyze, over risk assess.  In doing that, I’m not doing myself any favors.  Instead, I don’t pursue what could end up being a great joy in my life.  I miss out and that’s just a rip-off.

So in this current adventure, I feel determined, I have a strong passion for helping women and this training and certification is a way to do that.  That means I need to figure it out, one way or another and make it happen.  And once I do, I’m going to see it through, No DNF.

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