How do you want to feel?


positve-energyTo start, this is not a political statement in any way, nor a comment about who won our nation’s election.  What is rolling around in my head are thoughts about the energy that people, including me, put out to the world and what reflects back at them.  I’m noticing an abundance of negative energy, thoughts, comments, rhetoric from people around the country, negative energy that seems to be growing.

The law of attraction is a theory that says “by focusing on negative or positive thoughts, a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.” This is based on the thought that like energy attracts like energy. Whether you fully believe that theory or not, think about it. You’re in a conversation with your spouse.  They are amped about plans you made for the weekend, without consulting them.  You have a choice in that moment.  Say you get defensive, you shoot back that you shouldn’t have to talk to them first. How’s that work out for you? Likely you’ll get the next level up from your spouse, anger, frustration, resentment…and this cycle will continue until one of you steps out.  One of you chose to respond with negative energy and it attracted more negative energy.

What if instead when your spouse came at you amped, you stepped away from the negative energy, dodged it.  What if you responded that you could understand how that could be frustrating and that it would be frustrating for anyone in that situation…and apologized. How would your spouse respond? Chances are, they’d respond well, plain and simple. You chose to respond to negative energy with positive energy and that is the direction you both continued in.

When you spend your day thinking about the negative things happening around the country, or in your work, your relationship or with yourself, you’re drawing negative energy to you.  It is normal that you would continue to see the negative around you, that’s what you’re looking for to build your case.  We want information that supports how we’re feeling in that moment, and there’s plenty of it to be found. That’s what’s happening around our nation right now.

If you choose to shift your focus – or frankly begin your thought process – from a positive viewpoint, that is what you’re going to attract.  You will begin to see the positive aspects of situations.  People around you will begin to feel that positive energy and will respond in kind. That cycle is one worth investing in. When you’re thinking about the positive aspects in your life, you will see and experience more of them, you’ll create positive experiences.

So what if each of us made that choice right now for our nation.  Focus not on what you may perceive as the negative things happening around the country, but instead, focus and talk about the positive. Pray for peace and cooperation. Do your part to stop the negative path we’re on. We can build each other up or tear each other down, I for one want to choose the positive path, and build each other up, and hope my positive energy will draw the same from you.

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