The Next Step

believe-in-yourselfOver the last few days, I’ve found myself filled with a high level of frenetic energy.  Why? I don’t know. Ok, slight cop-out there. I think I know but instead of taking another step forward, my brain wants to stall. Not necessarily take the one step back, but forward? What will that look like? Am I good enough? The doubts threaten to spill over like water in the rivers and lakes around me so full from rain.

After a lot of hard work, I’m about 3 hours of work away from my coaching certification. And with that, I can feel the shift in my life coming. That’s what’s behind all this. Being in my class has provided a sense of safety because I had mountains of coursework to work through. Now that all that is virtually done, I’m on my own again. Having to make decisions instead of conquering what’s presented to me. That? The challenge? I’m really good at that. Overcoming, pushing forward…I have ninja skills for that.

But the ‘what’s next’? That produces the frenetic energy. I’m not sure what to do with that energy. In the past, I haven’t had a lot of doubt about that part. Give me the challenge and I’m great. Blank canvas? Yikes.

Except this time, I know it doesn’t have to be like that.

I tend to make life hard. But it doesn’t have to be. In reality, life can be easy, happiness can be easy. And I don’t mean cop-out easy, I mean I have the abilities to press forward if I just shift the way I look at situations.  In the past, I may have considered myself to be at the effect of what was happening “to” me. I now know it’s a choice to be in that space, that energy.

I have talked to a lot of my friends who have subscribed to the same thought pattern.  This is one of those cases though where there isn’t strength in numbers. So how to move forward? I’ve learned that creating another mountain to conquer isn’t the answer. That’s what I’ve done before. Another goal, another accomplishment, all to prove to myself that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to. I’ve created my own battles.

God created me, created you, for a great purpose. Stepping into that, not creating hurdles, is the opportunity.  We weren’t created with conditions. My “master plan,” did not read “Lisa will have an awesome life after she”… fill in the blank. I’ve filled in the blank over and over, and what I finally realize is that the blank was never there in the first place. Life doesn’t happen “to me,” life doesn’t have to be one big challenge.  Thankfully, I’ve had coaches who’ve helped me realize that. I’ve said before, it’s a strength to realize Printwhen you need help. And this is one of those areas I, and others (maybe you), need help.

The struggle is not real, my friends. I got help stepping off the struggle bus and into the life I was created for. Although stepping back on the bus is appealing at times, that’s only because it’s “familiar.” Familiar doesn’t mean good. I’m choosing to continue stepping forward. Two steps will become more.  They can become more for you too, it’s your choice, on the bus or off? If you want off, contact me and I’ll share how coaching can help you find your own steps forward and into the life you were created for.

2 thoughts on “The Next Step

  1. Lisa, I remember so clearly you hiking with us into the Hoover Wilderness Area. A challanging hike to say the least. You were awesome. You forged streams, endured steep switchbacks, climbed over logs without complaint always willing to forge on. It seemed to me you thrived on the challange.


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