Grab on…

View More: was at a women’s conference yesterday, Christine Caine’s Propel Activate Conference. It was a fire hose of a day with amazing speakers throughout. As always, my brain wanders in many different directions and by the time we nearing the end, I had a lot of ideas on the brink of happening. Lisa Harper was the last speaker and she was the perfect choice because she used humor with her message which kept me engaged at the end of a long day.

I’ve been through times in my life when, to be transparent, I’ve seen myself as a victim. Let me define that. A victim of my circumstances. Life was happening to me. I didn’t feel I had any control. I felt like I was along for the ride. Truth is, I lived to other peoples’ expectations, didn’t speak up for what I wanted, typical life of a people pleaser. But I wasn’t happy. Discontent but couldn’t put my finger on it. The great thing about being in that space is that you can blame others for things that happen. Someone else is calling the shots, not me, so I wash my hands of it. Not a good place to be, for anyone.

Last year, my eyes were opened to that reality and I started taking more ownership for my life. Calling the shots, taking chances, even if I risked failing. But it’s a process, one that is still ongoing. Yesterday Lisa Harper’s told the 2,000+ women that God will never tell you that you’re “not good enough,” and challenged us to look at what He’s calling us to do. To be honest, that’s a message a lot of women struggle with, me included. Feeling like we’re not “the right one” for the job, or that we can always be “just a little bit better.”

The problem with that (one of many), is that we look for “evidence” to support our own insecurity. Things that happen around us are put into a box that supports our fear that we’re really not good enough. We build our case…and it paralyzes us.

So today, I’m calling you out on it, calling myself on it. I’m going to spend time thinking about how to propel myself forward, to further embrace the plan God has for me. I’m going to think and journal about questions like:

  • What do I feel is at my fingertips?
  • What is within my grasp but I’m not grabbing on?
  • What gifts do I have that I’m keeping on the shelf?
  • Where do I feel like I fall short…but that’s not the truth?
  • What do others tell me about my gifts that I have a hard time believing – that I could embrace and run with?

This is push through kind of work. Can be fun, but not always. It’s going to require digging, confronting myself, challenging my limiting beliefs. Those thoughts that I think about myself that aren’t true but that I’ve let myself think are true. I challenge you this week my friends, what are you being called to do? Look at your gifts, embrace them, you are amazing. We can do this, we’re brave.

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