Be You…Be Authentic

let go be youIt’s the time of year when people start talking about New Year’s resolutions. Changes they want to make in the new year, things they want to do, experiences they want to have or bring into their life. Lose weight, start exercising, those are likely the top vote getters from people everywhere. There’s something about the transition from one year to the next that causes us to examine our life and think about ways we can change, really ditch something that’s not working for us and try something new.

In reality, it shouldn’t take something like the new year to spark change within us, if it really needs to be made. If the desire is within us. I think that’s the process I’ve been going through this year. Making subtle shifts that have led to larger changes.

Instead, over the last month, I’ve had words rolling around in my head. Those of you who know me are well aware of my love of words. In writing, on my walls, in my head, on my wrist, I love them. They express feelings, thoughts, in a way that I sometimes don’t feel comfortable doing verbally.  There are some words that I think about more than others as time goes along. Authentic, or authenticity, is one of those for me. So much so that I’m done flirting with it. I’m ready to bring it into my life.

Instead of making a resolution, I’ve decided I’m going to focus on a word for this year. A lot of people do that, pick a word for the year. In the past I’ve done that to a small degree, Choose Happy, Be Brave…this year, it’s authentic, or said another way, Be You.

And with good cause. The changes I’ve made over the last year or so have brought clarity to me about who I am…who I want to be. It’s been a year of letting go of other’s expectations, of living for what I think I should be doing. Throw in a little bit of not being as worried about making waves with what I think, what I believe, and you’ve got the picture. When you shed the external expectations, it makes room for you to look internally.

As I do that, I feel increasingly discontent with acting in a way contrary to what I believe, with who I am. It’s about looking at my values and considering if choice A is in line with my values, or if will cause a conflict. If it causes a conflict, I need to look for a different choice. A choice that allows me to be authentic. Living authentically is somewhat a culmination of my focus for the last couple years. It requires being brave…it’s a choice that ultimately brings happiness and joy to my heart, even if that choice is hard.

For 2018, what’s your resolution, your word, your focus. Not making a choice on where you’re putting your energy is still a choice. As we wind down 2017, how will you be brave? How will you be truer to yourself in 2018? I’m looking forward to taking the journey with you.

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