Steps Forward

Path ChoicesThink about a situation where you’ve felt as though you needed to take a step off the path you were on. Where you knew that you knew you were supposed to be walking down another path. Or, maybe it was that you felt called to do something in addition to what was currently in your life.

I’ve been there.

For the last couple years, I’ve been in that swirl. I’d make newborn (not even baby) steps in the direction I wanted to go and then, whoa, whoa, whoa, that seems scary, that seems uncertain. Stop. Because the truth of what I knew I wanted to do, what I believe God is calling me to do, was still out there, I continued to feel unsettled. Too scared to move forward, but discontent with my current circumstance.

Sound familiar? The unknown can evoke a great deal of fear. Where does that fear come from? We make it up. We create a story in our minds, maybe based on past experiences, or what we’ve seen happen around us, but it’s completely contrived by us. We have limiting beliefs – maybe from situations in the past, or from what we’ve been told by others – that hold us back. It’s hard to press against those with the reminder that they may not be future predictors. We let our limiting beliefs call the shots. When we do, we get what we always got. We do what we’ve always done. A white picketed safe version of life.

Or, we can get curious. In my couple years of taking tiny steps, they’ve started to add up to actual steps. I’ve gotten curious about my own beliefs, the limitations I place on myself, the fears I wrestle with. Getting curious about the, dare I speak it, control I have to let go of in order to live my authentic life. To lean into my desires and passions, the calling God has placed on my heart. And I’ve started noticing a few things.

Opportunities have begun to show up. From the most unexpected sources. That are aligned with my values and direction I’m heading.  And I feel like I’m not working hard for it. In reality I have worked hard for it, via my life’s experiences and the work I’ve done thus far.

One opportunity might lead to another, and another. Perhaps down a straight path, but knowing me, probably not, I have an affinity for crooked paths. I’ve realized that taking tiny steps, but taking them consistently, can add up to the change you want. It might take longer than you’d like, but you’ll get there, and the closer you get, the bigger steps you might be willing to take. I am. I’m intentionally putting myself in situations that make me uncomfortable. Ones where I know I’m on the right path but it pushes up against my edges. That’s ok.

I don’t know what kind of path you’re on, the journey you’re taking, but stay curious. Continue to wonder what today has to do with that thing you did yesterday, with the thing you’re going to do tomorrow. Live into your authenticity, your strength. I know you can take the brave steps, at your own pace. Keep taking them. That dream your working towards, it’s waiting.


2 thoughts on “Steps Forward

  1. David Atkinson

    Steadily pressing forward…two steps forward and one step back. Challenging, stressful at times…a constant fight against the voice that whispers “imposter.” But what is the other option really? God didn’t create us to live mediocre lives.

    The lesson I am learning more recently is…the more I look after my people and their success the more successful God allows me to be.

    Keep sharing!


  2. Sounds very familiar. I’ve been on a similar journey of self-discovery and baby steps in a new, more authentic life direction for about three years now. Fear still plays a major role in keeping me back. I do hope it will fade just a bit more every time I dare do something new. Nothing bad actually happens. Maybe even good stuff does. Who would have thought? 🙂


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