The Wonder Woman Inside Me

Let’s bwonder_woman_linda_carter_pe honest, for those of us who grew up in the 70’s, Wonder Woman was awesome.  She had mystical powers, the Lasso of Truth, those cool bracelets, and the tiara.  I can’t forget the awesome costume she donned when she headed out to kick some bad guy butt.  I think a lot of women, secretly and not so secretly, think that they’re Wonder Woman.  She could do it all, nobody could stop her, all while holding down a day job.

I’ll admit, I’m drawn to Wonder Woman because of the outfit and tiara.  Being honest.   I also like to tell myself that I can be like Wonder Woman.  I can do it all, no one can stop me. Except here’s the thing, it’s a lot of work.  I say yes to people, yes to myself, why yes I can do 3 half marathons in as many days, yes I will crush my body with a workout and get back up and do it again, yes, I will take on that extra work. I mean, really, that’s just what you do.  That’s the expectation I created for myself. Bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan and make a BLT.

But back to Wonder Woman for a minute.  She could do it all, or could she? She is in the Justice League and had her super hero friends to lean on when she needed help.  Even if she didn’t need help, she recognized that there were other people who could get the job done better, faster, safer, so that she could tackle the bigger fish in her pond.  My opinion is that Wonder Woman’s hidden strength was that she would ask for help and she could say no.

And I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit, not Wonder Woman exactly, but being able to say no.  I’ll admit, not a fan. Here was my recent struggle.  I really did sign up (in April) to do the 3 half marathon’s in 3 days.  It’s coming up soon, beginning of October. But, as I get older, my body is resisting me more.  And I don’t like that.  I want to be invincible.  Last week though, I couldn’t stop thinking about this race.  Thinking how I could do it, but it would leave a mark.  One would be fine, but 3 would hurt, and some hurt is ok, expected even, but not hurt to the point where I knew in advance it would not be my smartest move.  Would not be the best for my health. Would leave me tired for a while. The voice in my head told me to suck it up, not be a quitter. Reminded me that I paid good money to do the races, most of which I would not get back, and only some of which I would get in the form of a deferral to next year’s race.

All these thoughts were swirling in my head and I actually felt slightly nauseous as I went online and dropped 2 of the races. It’s done. And the world didn’t end. Except that I’m telling you, no one even really knows.  The funny thing is, after a couple days, I actually felt stronger inside.  I realized that sometimes the strongest thing I can do is say no.  No to the wrong things so I have more time and energy for the right things. And more and more, the right things have to do with people.  Spending time with my tribe, my family, my friends, those I care deeply about. Saying yes to focusing on people brings me a lot longer lasting joy than events which I love and still will do, but which have a day-long instead of lifelong impact.

So back to Wonder Woman. She rocked it and in my mind, she rocked it because she knew where her strengths lie and built on that.  I’m seeing that there’s strength in not being invincible, so today, I’m embracing that – and feeling oddly stronger. I think that’s because we all have a little Wonder Woman inside of us.


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