Being Brave Today

Lisa Forresthill Bridge.JPGSo yesterday, I cooked up plans with my friend to go hiking today.  Connecting with a group of gals from her gym and going to Lake Clementine for an early Sunday hike.  Sounded awesome, especially since I have wanted to start hiking more.  Since I love walking half marathons, hiking seems like a natural extension of it.  Plan was set, all good.  And then last night the “in my head” talk happened.  Here’s how it goes for me.  I make the plan, woohoo! and then start second guessing.  I think about how it would be nice to have a low key morning, get a few things done – or not, but just be mellow.  Ok, truth be told, it was about staying in my comfort zone, my routine.  I even thought about my recent “take it easy” recommendation from the doctor, he lifted it last week but, well, maybe.  In the end, I told myself to stay strong, be brave with myself, step out of my comfort zone and do it.

So I did.  And it was awesome!  I met some great women, hiking beautiful land, enjoying God’s creation, felt GREAT!  Made me think about why I do that, why I wimp out sometimes – falling back to my routine, my safe zone.  I know that the safe zone doesn’t lead to the big stuff – the big fun, the big joy, the life God has for me.  So why do I stay in the safe zone so often? Fear? Maybe. But fear of what is the question.  I don’t really know what.  Because the thing is, when I do step out of the zone, it’s always good.  I never regret it.  I’m always happy for the new experience.  I don’t have this mental struggle with my day to day life.  Getting up at 4 a.m. to exercise? No problem. Swimming an hour and half? Check.  Walking my half marathons or cycling 100 miles? All good.  I might question my sanity, but I do it. But new experiences?  Let me think about it, think about how to get out of it, re-convince myself to do it, but still question.

I’m tired of thinking so hard, figuring out ways to stay in my zone. It comes back to choices and I want to have fewer of them.  It means making a decision and sticking to it. Less choices when I don’t second guess myself, my plans, re-thinking, making a new plan.  When I move forward with my original decision, less choices, so much easier!  Motivation is not the problem, it’s a little fear, and little being “stuck,” and that’s not a space I want to live in. Somehow, I don’t think I’m alone in this. If it’s you, you have your reasons, they may be like mine, or they could be different. The reasons keep us safe, but we miss out on so much.  So I ask you the same thing I ask myself, are you ready to be brave?

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