Why not be whimsical?

IMG_4441This week was the rescheduled trip to Vegas my husband and I planned for October – my 50th birthday trip! Birthday aside, the main reason we went to Vegas, because, honestly, I couldn’t care less about Vegas, was to see my diva singer favorite Celine Dion. I’ve always liked her because of her ballad belting voice. I mean, seriously, who does not want to sing along with her?? (and if you are one of those people – how are we friends? – kidding – but seriously, don’t tell me, our friendship will be tainted).

The big night was Tuesday and I was ready, finally letting the excitement build. When we got inside to our awesome seats – my husband rocked the seat selection – I quickly ascertained that we were surrounded by “my people.” 50ish women and their husbands, some of whom I suspect were there willingly, and others along for the ride. I loved the automatic connection I felt with these die-hard fans, and I’m sure that’s what they were because Celine a) is not a cheap ticket, b) is not someone you’d generally see on a whim.

She was everything I’d hoped and more! I felt like our grandkids watching Moana – mouthing every single lyric – that was me with Celine. As we wound down to the end, I noticed people heading towards the front, taking pictures, selfies…what the heck??? This had not been the case earlier in the show, we were seat stay-ers…not venturing out. I told my husband that I thought I wanted to go down there too and he told me to go for it. The only way I can describe myself when I got there was like a giddy teenage girl. Not kidding. Trying to get a selfie with her – not quite getting the angle right to get her and me in the same picture. Violating rules and taking video. Singing out loud at this point. And when she came over, yes, my hand was stretched out and she touched it…I call it a “shook my hand” but really it would be better described as a brushing of our fingers.

The point is, I was silly, and loose, and going outside of my normal comfort zone. I was letting whimsy take me away, and I loved it. Why is that so hard for me on a regular basis? Me on a regular day is fairly straight laced. Start singing a song out loud in public? I think not. Reaching out to touch the star? heavens no – I’m much more reserved. Ok, I’ll say it…reserved to the point of dull, at times.

I was thinking about this as the week wore on and wondering how I could mix things up for myself on a regular basis. How could all of us who are similarly afflicted with the serious gene mix things up? Because as life is now, we go through it making sure to color within the lines, and while that’s responsible, it’s not where most of the fun is, where the joy and excitement in life is.

So today I took a baby step. I was cleaning the house and I put on headphones, dialed in the Celine station of Spotify, and rocked it. Two hours of singing along as I cleaned. It was relaxing, it brought a little joy to an otherwise boring task, and I didn’t worry about how I sounded. My husband later told me he loved hearing me singing as I cleaned. Made him love me more. Surprise there for me. My voice is not particularly melodic so I figured he must really love me for that to be true.

What would it take to live with whimsy more often? To follow our instincts? To show up authentically in situations instead of how we “should” show up? I for one am willing to try. What’s the worst that could happen, I look silly? So what. I don’t really care about looking silly. I’m hoping that my reserved sisters will join in, let’s be whimsical, we can do it, we’re brave!



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